Our Mission

Our team is committed to support with love and respect, the people ready to fully engage in their healing process by guiding them with passion and integrity and by offering them an educational system and personalized Network care, to improve their quality of life and help them to fully express their own individuality in a better world.


Our Services

Network Spinal

Network Spinal Analysis is based on the most basic (and life changing) chiropractic approaches in history and is very different from the more conventional. After years of research and clinical testing, NSA has evolved and distinguished itself by its unique approach and amazing results.

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Somato-Respiratory Integration

The Somato-Respiratory Integration exercises (SRI) were developed specifically to better connect with and recognize the different rhythms and the wisdom of the body. They are also an essential complement to the Network Spinal (NS) entrainments because they allow the client to progress more rapidly through the levels of care. We are very happy to offer you these 2 approaches conjointly.

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Healing Workshop

The workshop is essential to your chiropractic care. It will help you to better determine the type of care best suited to your needs, to better understand the adjustments and to improve your clinical results.

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In Outaouais, we distinguish ourselves by putting emphasis on physical activity and healthy eating.


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