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Somato-Respiratory Integration


The Somato-Respiratory Integration exercises (S.R.I) were developed specifically to better connect with and recognize the different rhythms and the wisdom of the body. They are also an essential complement to the Network Spinal Analysis (NSA) entrainments because they allow the client to progress more rapidly through the levels of care. We are very happy to offer you these 2 approaches conjointly.

Although there are other healing methods using some breathing techniques, movement, energy and emotional release ; very few produce an impact this strong on the body and mind.

The Somato-Respiratory Integration is different because it teaches us how to connect with our body and allows us to live an experience through which our attention is focused on our energy/ breath/ movement, specifically on certain areas of our body. This method allows better communication between the superior part of our brain and our body.

Many of our life’s crisis happen after we have been unconscious of our body for a while. We loose the interface between the body and the mind (body-mind connection) and symptoms appear, forcing us to reconnect with our body again, stop our daily routine, do things another way, breathe differently, express certain emotions or voice certain sounds.

The Somato-Respiratory Integration is designed to help us focus our attention on our indispositions and in this way, avoid the crisis by making small adjustments in our daily lives instead of waiting for big upheavals.
We frequently observe that people’s perceptions increase and become more refined during the NSA entrainments and SRI sessions. By paying attention to our body’s subtle clues, it is possible to perceive sensations like vibrations, heat, tingling, electricity, emotions and more.

We will ask you to practice these exercises at home and refine them at the clinic. The ultimate objective of S.R.I is to develop resources and healing strategies in everyone, not to treat disease or pain. With S.R.I., we learn to develop habits that favor constant spontaneous somatic re-evaluations, auto-adjustments, body and structural corrections and we better understand their relationships with our whole life. We become more flexible and adaptable to the multiple demands of a life in evolution.

People, who consult us often, mention that NSA is one of the most powerful tools that they ever had the chance to experience and most say the same thing about S.R.I.

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