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Some people think that they only have to consult a health care professional from whatever discipline and that person will magically fix all their health problems. According to our experience, we know that this attitude does not work because in this scenario, a person unconsciously sees themselfes as a victim. They are passive in their healing process. Their life remains unchanged and in time, even loses some of their quality of life.

At our chiropratic clinic , you will learn how to fully participate in how to personally understand and heal your own body.

We will offer you a methodology based on the discovery of the physical, emotional, chemical and physiological interactions that exist among sickness, pain, healing and the life you are living.

You will be taught how to use your pain or disease as a springboard to change the things that are not serving you anymore. At your own pace, you will experience progressively your own personal transformations and you will know when and how to use this information in your every day life.

For eg.  You are limping and have foot pain because there is a small pebble in your shoe. Is it not logical that we help you identify and find the pebble in your own shoe so you can remove it before we attempt to cure your foot pain? This way, when another pebble presents itself, you will recognize it and remove it yourself.

All types of pebbles manifest themselves in the physical, emotional, philosophical and spiritual aspects of our lives and we need to increase our awareness to deal appropriately with them.

Time and a certain number of entrainments will be undeniable assets to speed up your ability to reach this new level of consciousness and help you make the changes needed for you to reach your goals and improve the quality of your life.

This methodology is more demanding than asking someone else to fix your problems, but it is so much more satisfying because the quality and quantity of results will be proportional to your engagement and participation in your own care.


Here are our values we want to build our relationship with you. Please, don’t hesitate to share your concerns and questions and we will give you all the information needed to help you to participate fully  in your own personal care.
We will let you know the in advance the cost and the approximate number of visits for every level of care corresponding to your personal needs. We will explain clearly all the options that are available to you.

It is crucial that you support your own process by attending the workshops on Somato Respiratory Integration and Self- Healing. During our workshops, we encourage our patients to invite someone to participate in their exercises. Sharing these experiences with someone you know is beneficial to all who participate in them. All the workshops are designed to help you better understand your process and start your care with an enlightened perspective.

We want your time with us to be enjoyable. Like you, we dislike waiting in reception rooms. We therefore request you do the same. An assiduous person fully participates in their own serenity.

We encourage you to read, be informed and ask questions about your care.  Only then can we share our information such as opportunities, options, benefits and advantages regarding your personal care.

When possible, we encourage you to schedule your appointments at the same time of day and on the same week days. This will facilitate the management of your healing potential. Please let us know immediatly if you are to cancel an entrainment. Reschedule your missed appointement as soon as possible. When you respectfully give enough advance notice, we can continue to give excellent service to all our patients.

If we offend you in any way , please do not hesitate to let us know immediatly . This will allow us the opportunity to correct this oversight.

To accelerate your healing process, we ask you to practice the Somato- Respiratory Integration exercises at home.

By being more focused on your body’s responses when getting entrained, you will be more connected to your process toward finding one or many answers to your health concerns.

We are fully committed in serving you at our best. Your personal growth and progress in healing depends upon your full commitement as well.

You will appreciate our full attention, deep committment and professionalism when you come to the clinic. We ask you to observe the same standards of respect, smiles, laughter, generosity and love. You will see that the quality of your results will improve and your health objectives will be reached sooner than you thought possible.

We hope that your experience will be rich, positive and satisfying and that it will give you the incentive to share it with family, friends and co-workers so that they too can also benefit from our unique services.


Time is important to all of us. Usually, we respect our schedule and we apologize in advance if, because of
unforeseen circumstances, you have to wait. It is impossible to predict events like weather, traffic, lateness and emergencies. (Our next emergency situation could involve you or a member of your family.)

If there is a delay, please take this golden occasion to relax and read our weekly article, visit our information center or share with our staff and other practice members. These few minutes of grace are so rare in our active lives; please take the time to enjoy them fully.

Time is one of our most precious gift and a privilege to take care of ourselves. We encourage you to make the most of it by practicing the Somato-Respiratory Integration’ s exercises as often as possible at home, at the clinic or anywhere.

S.R.I is the essential complement of the NSA entrainments as it allows you to progress faster through the levels of care and help you to develop your resources and healing strategies more rapidly.
You will then become more flexible and adaptable to the demands of a life in constant change. You will be pleased with your progress.


We are a lot happier at work when our exchanges with our clients occur in a respectful way. In our communications, kindness, grace, patience and all those small attentions that are synonymous with harmony.

Our expectations also include our physical surroundings. Please keep our clinic clean, respect the environment and help us all have a comfortable experience.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Dress comfortably
  • Avoid perfumes and eau-de-cologne to respect people with allergies/ intolerances
  • Remove your shoes in the waiting room
  • Wear socks
  • Take a basket to put your small articles in : glasses, jewelry, wallet and other objects
  • Turn off your cell phone
  • Bring a personal pillowcase or cloth for your face or buy one sold at our clinic
    (It saves trees by using less headrest paper)
  • Enjoy your visit


We wish to provide you with tools to become healthier or to get back your health, your jest for life and enjoy a new vitality. We hope that you will enthusiastic at the perspective of actively participate in your own healing process, your transformation and your awakening to others dimensions of life.

The fact that we want to live longer and have a healthier life incites us to make better quality choices. This philosophy is one of the corner stones of our practice and we are committed to support everyone who is fully engaged in reaching their  goals for a healthy  life.

Our clients’ satisfaction will in turn bring more people in for consultationand we all will continue to grow and evolve together.


Most of our publicity comes from our clients (practice members) who generously share their experience by word-of- mouth and we love to work with people who have the same attitude regarding their health as our practice members. Generally, our new patients are directly related to the practice member (family and friends) and are also interested at improving their health.

How can you, as a practice member, support us in our work? The easiest way is to let others know about us. Share with them on how you were before coming to the clinic, how you are presently and how this experience has contributed to improve your quality of life.

They can come to one of our bimonthly intro-workshop (at no charge), during which they will receive all the information to make an enlightened decision about their health and we will give them a substantial reduction on the initial consultation to thank them for coming to the talk. As someone has probably done for you, you can also accompany them to the workshop so that they feels more confident in this new environment.

Without having been to the workshop, they can also come for an initial consultation where we will determine if we can help them. We will ask them to visit our website so that they have a better idea of the services offered at our clinic.

We will do everything in our power to answer all their needs so that you are happy to have referred them. We take this responsibility very seriously.

Maybe, you are not yet a client in our clinic and are reading these lines. It is probably because you are interested in our method or want to improve your health and quality of life.
You may also know people with a health  or life philosophy similar to ours.

We invite you all to come and meet us. Please, accept our gratitude in advance, for referring family and friends and know that we will do every thing in our power so that they enjoy their experience at our clinic. Thank you for caring.

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