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Network Spinal Analysis

Network Spinal Analysis is based on the most basic (and life changing) chiropractic approaches in history and is very different from the more conventional manipulations. After years of research and clinical testing, NSA has evolved and distinguished itself by its unique approach and amazing results.
All the entrainments (manual therapeutic interventions) are pain free, light pressure contacts at specific and different access points for each person. Our spine includes our skeleton wich is made up of individual vertebrae. The vertebrae houses and protects our nervous system. The nervous system is encased in covering called spinal meninges . In the method of NSA, contact takes place along the spinal cord penetrating these layers simultaneously . A light stimulation of the nervous system at the exact point with a matching force and at the right time will not only give us a greater reaction but this reaction will amplify itself by repetition.

The person receiving the entrainments, starts on a journey of discovery and learns about releasing their body’s tension by themselves and to recognize what changes are needed to improve their own health status.

The greatest advantage of this clinical approach is that the nervous system is guided and then learns how to work on its own.
This methodology, slowly assimilated, allows one to have access to the information all the time and to be able to use it where and when it is needed.
Another advantage is that the person keeps on learning and has access to resources and states unknown and even unsuspected. The more the person learns, the easier it will be for them to allow their body to go from a defense physiology (traumatic state with pain, sickness or stress) to a state of wellbeing and peace because the brain will recognize its defense physiology and start the relaxation process of its nervous system, right away.

The number of entrainments is different for every individual.
With perseverance and practice, a person will progress to a higher level of care and develop new strategies to transform their body, its structure and certain aspects of their lives that they want to change and improve. Some of these strategies are unique to the work that we do and have been the object of many studies from the scientific community.

We pride ourselves on staying on top of the latest clinical developments and use all our knowledge and abilities to best support practice members through their own process.

We offer many different care options because we know that everyone is unique and have their own priorities. We hope to help and serve you to the best of our abilities so that you reach your own healty personal goals.

We invite you to look at our video where you will find a demonstration of our methodology and to browse our website to get extra information on our approach, our clinic and its operations, levels of care and other services offered such as: The Somato- Respiratory Integration, workshops and more.

The following links will bring you to our pages on Network Spinal Analysis.

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